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Saturday, March 5, 2011

We're Even!

The night before last was my performance of the "Exploding Pressure Cooker"

Last night was Annie's performance of "The exploding bowl in the dishwasher."

Good thing I was home! She went off to see a movie while I chilled on the couch.

The dishwasher was running and all of a sudden I heard a big "Kaboom."

Yea, it got my attention. I tuned in and heard something like the sound of rocks turning inside a cement truck mixer. Uh oh, what could that be?

I stopped the dishwasher and opened it up and saw a H U G E pile of broken glass at the bottom. I carefully started removing the shards of broken glass - the water was still hot.

Geez! Why would she put that in the dishwasher?

It was an honest accident and I was going to be a lot more forgiving to her than she was to me over my pressure cooker escapade. Anyway, after an hour, I got as much of the glass out as I could. You really should use gloves (I got a small cut on a finger; nothing serious). But my dad was a glass man and he taught me how to handle glass - he did say I should always wear gloves but I'm not the best listener.

Now there's a sign on the dishwasher that reads DO NOT USE!
The Minnegasco Service Plus guy needs to come and take the pump apart and get the residual glass out of there before we really screw it up.

Dumb post? Probably.

Moral to the story is: Accidents Happen. Give yourself and others a break (no pun intended).

Enjoy your weekend!

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