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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Remembering our friend, Ozzie.

He lived with us and knew us all quite well - all four members of our family: Annie, Adam, Isaac and me. Although he liked us boys, he had a special relationship with Annie. She understood him and he understood her. Maybe it was because of their big hearts but I really never knew for sure.

He went by Ozzie and came to the United States from Scotland in the early 90's. He settled in Omaha, Nebraska where Annie was introduced to him by his brother named Cody. Ozzie was homeless and needed a place to stay. From the moment she laid her eyes on him, Annie felt a mothering instinct to take him in and give him a hand. She fell in love with his beautifully appointed face and small button shaped nose. She put us on notice to make room for a new family member. Ozzie travelled back to Minnesota with us, where Annie sent him to school to get a good education and learn his manners. One of Ozzie's teachers told Annie that he was very intelligent but if she wasn't consistent in disciplining him, his propensity to be hard-headed would soon prevail.

He had long brown hair and chocolate brownie eyes. Sometimes people made fun of him because he had short legs and arms. But Ozzie didn't care. If someone wanted to tease him they'd quickly find out that even though he was small, he wasn't afraid of anything or anybody. Annie came up with a nickname for Ozzie; she called him "Scrappers."

Throughout the years, if someone was in the wrong, he'd go out of his way to make things right. Ozzie always spoke his mind; he never held back. Whenever Annie needed to run an errand, he always was happy to come along and keep her company. If someone approached Annie, and Ozzie had a bad feeling about that person, he'd go to any length to protect her, even if it meant laying down his life.

Over the fifteen years that Ozzie stayed with us, he became great friends with the boys. He was almost always in a good mood and loved hanging out with them. Adam and Ozzie would take walks down to the Marina in the summer; Isaac and Ozzie liked to play ball.

When we brought home our new Springer Spaniel puppy, almost three years ago, Ozzie was the first member of our family to embrace her. He showed her where to stay and introduced her to the kids on our block.

On Tuesday of this week, we had to say goodbye. Ozzie told us it was time for him to move on; he said he had to travel someplace far away; he wouldn't say where. He thanked all of us profusely for all the love and care we provided him and said he could never repay us. We begged him not to go but his mind and heart were set. It was time for him to go. He told us not to be sad, that he would keep in touch and stay in our hearts.

We're grateful for the time we had with Ozzie. He was a blessing to the Tuvman household and will be missed!

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